Flex Interativa

Innovations will transform your event into an experience.

Flex Interativa

Flex Interativa is the company of R1 Group, which provides virtual, immersive, and interactive activations for in-person, digital, and hybrid events. Learn more about the solutions we can develop for a memorable experience connecting your brand to your audience.



We breathe technology and plan actions that are integrated with your reality.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Engage your audience by creating interactions with digital characters related to your brand and purpose.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Your brand stands out through virtual immersion, creating a unique and striking experience for the user.

3D projects

Flex designers are specialized in 3D projects that will allow you to visualize exactly how your event will be.


You have probably heard a lot about it. Flex provides activities in three-dimensional environments, open to the public, exclusive, and gamified.


What about using the innovative and unprecedented technology of content construction by hologram?


Count on a team of creative professionals who can develop games for your brand on different platforms.

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