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Female Leadership

We recognize that there is still much to be done for women to achieve equality in all spheres of society. And we strive to help them in this fight.

In R1 Group, the example of valuing women in leadership positions is real. They represent 50% of senior posts: Andreia Chiarato, Simone Martins, Renata Honorato, Vivian Gomes, Heloísa Sena, Thamires Costa, Camilla Vicentin, Fernanda Bergamini, Andrea Ribeiro, and Juliane Lima. And we want much more!


“At R1 Group, having women in leadership positions is a reality! Even knowing that 3% of women in Brazil occupy these positions, our leadership has several human and technical attributes that favor the team regarding seeing the big picture and maintaining the organization. More than holistic problem solvers, our leaders are insightful, attentive, determined, and pursue their opportunities!Being part of and leading this team is undoubtedly a daily learning experience.”Andreia ChiaratoCommercial director

Andreia Chiarato

Commercial director


The premise “reduce, reuse and recycle” is present in all our deliveries through conscious disposal, lower CO2 emissions, and the correct destination for each material.

Grupo Primavera NGO

TES CENOGRAFIA, an R1 Group company, has the correct destination for the waste materials. In partnership with Grupo Primavera, fabrics used in events become sheets, pillows, and cloth dolls. The initiative generates income for hundreds of families and reduces the environmental impact.

Grupo primavera


Selo de empresa sustentável

We use ZapSign's electronic signature system for all our contracts to avoid paper waste and preserve the environment.


252000 liters

of water saved


Three trees



126kg of CO²

not emitted into the atmosphere


Multiple contacts

face to face avoided every day

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